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I've searched and searched and tried and tried but I can't find an answer to my question - any help greatly appreciated.

I trying to get a Jquery modal popup of any description (I really don't mind which one I use) to launch automatically when called from Java.

I can get the popups to work, get them to work on pageload but I need it to be able to launch from a bit of Java script.

I'll explain...currently I have a from that uses some Java to check any entry as it typed against a database. If the entry is not present, a second form opens on a new page to enable the individual to make an entry.

This all works perfectly the only thing I'd like to change is to have the second form open in a nice popup such as fancybox/colorbox/lytebox etc.

Currently I have this bit of Java

function findValue(li) {
if( li == null ) return window.location = ""

All a want to do is be able to call a nice popup iframe rather than go to the web address.

Could anybody help and explain the best way to do this? - I suspect it's quite simple but I just can't find anything on the net that isn't based on page load and clickable links.

I'm not fussed in regard to which Lightbox spin off I use.

Thanks in advance and all example greatly appreciated.


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I assume by Java you mean Javascript. Java and Javascript is not related. As to your question, is this what you are looking for? I've used jquery UI

First, initialize the modal, but don't open it

$( ".selector" ).dialog({ autoOpen: false }); //add any other options you want

To open it in your method

function findValue(li) {
    //if( li == null ) return window.location = ""
    $( ".selector" ).dialog("open")

That's it!

EDIT - Made it work with an iframe

Well, you could wrap it in an iframe and put it in there if you want.


<div class='selector'>
   <iframe src='' id='iframe'></iframe>

Your new JS

function findValue(li) {
    if( li == null ) {
       $('#iframe').attr('src, '');
       $( ".selector" ).dialog("open") 


There you go, iframe in a JQUI dialog. Of course, you'll need to style it appropriately. But this should give you the base

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I've added an example on how you can use an IFRAME in the modal box –  JohnP Feb 25 '11 at 5:33

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