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In a previous place I worked with a SVN repository, more than 500 code revisions. Now I got out of job and created a new fresh SVN repo. I wanted to "move" all the content of the old to the new SVN repo. What I did was to checkout, and then import into the new one, but as far as I can see, only the last version of the code is available at the new repo. What could I do in order to "move" it completely?


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You have two options.

Dump command:

svnadmin dump /path/repository > RepositoryName.dmp

cd /path/NewRepository
svnadmin create NewRepositoryName
svnadmin load NewRepositoryName< RepositoryName.dmp

Another option is to use the hotcopy command

svnadmin hotcopy SourceRepositoryPath NewRepositoryPath

After that, you need to relocate your working copy to the new repository. To do that, use the switch command.

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You need to take svn dump and then populate the new repo with it. Read through

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I prefer using svnsnyc. One advantage is you don't need to have admin access to the old repository. You just need to execute two commands:



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