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One solution that one could suggest is to periodically look for a special 'Screen-saver' desktop, and if it's present then count it as a running screensaver.

But apparently this is not the case for all screensavers as with some the mentioned desktop is always present.

Are there more reliable solutions for this?

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I think the key is to identify the screensaver by its window class ("WindowsScreenSaverClass"). I found this page How do I start, detect and stop screen savers? that has some code examples and explanations.

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See the WINAPI function SystemParametersInfo() with the SPI_GETSCREENSAVERRUNNING parameter. It's the only documented way to detect whether the screen saver is currently running. (You can also find out if a screen saver is even enabled, get and set the timeout value, and start the screen saver using this function.)

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HOW TO: Determine If Screen Saver Is Running by Using Visual Basic 6.0

I know this is for VB6, but it's bound to be a good place to start.

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search processes for a process with .scr in its .MainModule.FileName

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