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How can I make a regular expression that would say the following:

FirstName.LastName or FirstName.Letter.LastName

To allow example:

  • John.Smith
  • John.S.Smith

Not to allow example:

  • John Smith
  • John
  • John.
  • John.Smi th
  • John.S.D.Smith

Thanks in advance!


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This works; I've tested it with all of your examples:



^ - anchor to match the start of your string
[A-Za-z]+\. - match a letter 1 or more times followed by a period
([A-Za-z]\.)? - optionally match a single letter followed by a period
[A-Za-z]+ - match a letter 1 or more times
$ - anchor to match the end of your string

Hope this helps! For quick reference on regular expressions, see here.

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You could use this pattern: [a-zA-Z]+\.([a-zA-Z]\.)?[a-zA-Z]+

Bear in mind that this will not enforce capitalization of the names, so "john" or "John" are valid. You could enforce this by placing an additional [A-Z] at the beginning of each name portion and making the remainder match on [a-z] but that might be a hassle for your users. Instead you could apply this capitalization in the back-end.

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You can do this


Which should happily catch your good examples and ignore your bad examples.

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