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I've a web server and a separate SQL server. I'm trying to use transaction scope to ensure that SQL queries are completed with my linq queries.

I wrap everything with this

using (TransactionScope scope = new TransactionScope())

I want to know where I need to install DTC. Do I need to install it on the IIS 7.5 box AND the SQL server? Do I need to unblock some ports? Are there any security risk in doing so?

I've setup this up once before but don't remember how. If I can't get access to DTC then is there any other way to ensure a lINQ and sql query is atomic?

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vote to move to server fault. – Chris Marisic Feb 24 '11 at 16:49

I believe that this is a duplicate of Where MSDTC needs to be installed and configured.

The answer is at both endpoints participating in the transaction, but the security is such that one is outbound and the other is inbound.

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