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How do I get FixedDocument to automatically paginate? I have the following code that I can use to put prettified Panel into a DocViewer. The problem occurs when the Panel extends past a single page. Right now, we simply clip. Basically, I want to create a fairly generic way to print what the user is viewing. Is my approach reasonable?

    public void CreateReport(Panel details)
        FixedDocument fixedDoc = new FixedDocument();
        PageContent pageContent = new PageContent();
        FixedPage fixedPage = new FixedPage();

        fixedPage.DataContext = this.DataContext;
        fixedPage.Margin = new Thickness(10);


        // This makes the array of controls invisibile, then climbs the details structure
        // and makes the controls within details appropriate for the DocumentViewwer (i.e. TextBoxes are
        // non-editable, no borders, no scroll bars, etc).
        prePrintPrepare(details, fixedPage, new FrameworkElement[] { controlToMakeInvisible });

        _dv = new DocViewer();
        _dv.documentViewer1.Document = fixedDoc;
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I hate answering my own question, but, the following gave me a reasonable solution: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/wpf/thread/bd89e0d2-73df-4b9b-9210-b8be83ff29d6/


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