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I am pretty new in python, and I have a problem I don't know how to solve.

For example, I have this struct with members such as administrator, berit, etc:

'administrator': {
    'name': 'Admin',
    'pw': 'secret',
    'is_author': False,
    'is_admin': True
'berit': {
     'name': 'berit',
    'pw': 'apa',
    'is_author': False,
    'is_admin': False

This data is then accessible via a method this method:

def DefaultData():
"""Provides default data for Gruyere."""
 return copy.deepcopy(DEFAULT_DATA)

I want to do a md5 hash on the passwords so they are not in plaintext, but I have no idea how to access the fields such as 'pw' and reassign a new value in python.

Here's a guess as to what it might be:

stored_data = data.DefaultData()
for member in stored_data:
   for field in member:
       if field=='pw':
           'pw' = md5.new(salt+pw).hexdigest()    // how do you access the value?
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Perhaps read a Python tutorial. What you call structs are dictionaries, and they exist to allow simple and efficient access of values by a key (e.g. a string)... –  delnan Feb 24 '11 at 17:10
If there was only a way to implement custom types with custom behavior, we wouldn't have to fiddle around with the default types ... –  Jochen Ritzel Feb 24 '11 at 17:10

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The values in stored_data are themselves dictionaries. Iterate over the values and apply your algorithm:

stored_data = data.DefaultData()
for data in stored_data.values():
    data['pw'] = md5(salt + data['pw']).hexdigest()

from pprint import pprint


{'administrator': {'is_admin': True,
                   'is_author': False,
                   'name': 'Admin',
                   'pw': '33e7cb694fb6fb2f848af6774d9ff138'},
 'berit': {'is_admin': False,
           'is_author': False,
           'name': 'berit',
           'pw': '00c10978330d65eb0cb739a629b6ed15'}}
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You access it through the dictionary interface.

stored_data = data.DefaultData()
for member in stored_data.itervalues():
    member['pw'] =  md5.new(salt + member['pw']).hexdigest()

Two comments:

  • First, this doesn't change the value in data, because you're returning a copy of it in DefaultData.
  • Second, as extra security, you might want to include the name field in the hash. At least that way it won't be obvious if two users have the same password.
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It is complaining about "String indices must be integer" at the assignment of member['pw']. Why isn't it treated as a dictionary? –  KaiserJohaan Feb 24 '11 at 17:51
for member in stored_data iterates over the keys, which are strings. Iterate over the values. –  Mark Tolonen Feb 24 '11 at 18:33

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