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My webpage template has a fixed-width div in which I place an image which may or may not be wider than the template. For times when the image is wider than the enveloping div, I'd like the image to overflow on both sides.

By default, the image only overflows the encompassing div on the right side. Anyone know how I can accomplish my objective?

(My question is perhaps similar to the one asked here: overflow: hidden on the left side too?)

(I don't think you need to see it, but you can view the page in question here: http://www.lifeinsuranceonmyterms.com/web-comic/pos-xxviii-the-cold)

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possible duplicate of How do I center an image if it's wider than its container? –  jeroen Feb 24 '11 at 17:17

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I believe your question was already answered here

How do I center an image if it's wider than its container?

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