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I have three pages in my WordPress site: About, Voices & History. These are all using the same template. Each of these are parent pages to several additional respective sub-pages (i.e. About is parent to five About sub-pages). All of the parent pages use the same sidebar.php file.

Is it possible for the sidebar to display only the parent's respective sub-pages?

For example, if the user is on the About page, the sidebar would query and only display About sub-pages. If they're on the Voices page, the sidebar changes to display only Voices sub-pages.

I've been unsuccessful in my attempts. Any code to accomplish this is greatly appreciated.

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What you could do is, in you loop do this:

//calling loop stuff here
// bla bla
// stores post that will have related posts
global $related;
$related = $post->ID;
// end loop

Then, in your sidebar you do this:

//common sidebar stuff here
//bla bla
//check if has related posts
global $related;
if (!empty($related)) {
//call related posts here
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Unfortunately I'm unable to get this working; I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. Where exactly do I put the first code block in my page template? What should I put inside the second code block's "//call related posts here"? – Ryan Feb 24 '11 at 21:27

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