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is there SP1 for Visual-studio 2010 ?

if yes, can i get link for download ?

is there Support for Windows-mobile and Windows-CE ?

thanks in advance

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Voting to close, this question has no value a couple of months from now. – Hans Passant Feb 24 '11 at 20:40
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You can download beta of Visual Studio SP1 here.
Honestly, you could ask Google.

Neither Windows CE nor Windows Mobile prior to 7.0 are supported in Visual Studio 2010.
However tools for developing apps for Windows Phone 7 are available.

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Yes, it is now publicly available here: Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1

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The Beta SP1 is available here. However, there are some caveats when you install it. Please read Scott Hanselman's blog regarding the Beta.

•If you install VS2010 SP1 beta, don't uninstall it if you can avoid it. Rather, wait for SP1 final which will upgrade your beta cleanly and leave you in the best state.

As for your question about Windows CE and Windows Mobile, you'll need to use Visual Studio 2008 to develop for these frameworks.

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Visual Studio 2010 sp1 was released today and can be downloaded now.

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Here is a beta release.

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VS 2010 will only support Mobile Phone 7 development. If you want to develop for earlier versions, use VS 2008.

"Because Visual Studio 2010 does not support mobile application development for Windows Phone prior to Windows Phone OS 7.0, you cannot use the following features: .NET Compact Framework projects, Visual C++ device projects, smart device CAB projects, Device Emulator and Device Emulator Manager, testing tools for device projects, and Device Security Manager.” -- VisualStudio Lacks Support for WM 6.x App Development

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