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Is there a way to use the response from the Google directions web service called, for example from C# code like this:

var url = System.String.Format(@"{0}&destination={1}&sensor=false", 
  addressFrom, addressTo);
var result = XElement.Load(url);

And after that display the result on map; OR it must be done completely with JavaScript using the Google maps JavaScript API described here?

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Instead of writing all this xml code just use this open source project

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+1 for extreme sensible-ness. But anyone doing so would be well advised to take a copy of the source for whatever version they're using in case the project dies. – Peter Wone Jul 3 '11 at 22:41
link redirects to a 404 – Benjamin Nov 13 '12 at 20:51
Thanks for the comment. Fixed it. It's – Maxim Nov 14 '12 at 23:04

Try using System>Xml.Linq and create a method that return IEnumberable Elelment

See Details Below

using System.Xml.Linq

        string mapurl = " from " + sourceaddres + " to " + destaddr + "&output=kml&view=text";
        XDocument mapsdocument = XDocument.Load(mapurl);
        XNamespace myNameSpace = XNamespace.Get("");
        IEnumerable<XElement> myRoute = mapsdocument.Element(myNameSpace + "kml").Element(myNameSpace + "Document").Elements(myNameSpace + "Placemark").Elements(myNameSpace + "name");
        IEnumerable<XElement> myDescp = mapsdocument.Element(myNameSpace + "kml").Element(myNameSpace + "Document").Elements(myNameSpace + "Placemark").Elements(myNameSpace + "description");

   you can wrap this in a method and set return to IEnumerable<XElement>
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