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I am trying to use the OAuth Library for Kohana with Kohana3. I already used The EpiTwitter Class with Kohana2, but there was a good Documentation. Now trying to get started with this OAuth Class.

I already implemented the authorization and so i get an acces token, access token secret and the request token verifier.

But I dont know now, how to get the account/verify_credentials or any other request to the twitter api. Because there is no documentation and I can't find an "Request" function.

Should I write my own Request class or function? Or is there any but I cant see it? If yes, how to use?

Thanks a lot!


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Maybe the Twitter demo controller (in the "demos" branch) will help you?

You can run the demos locally by installing the git repo as a submodule, checking out the "demos" branch, and then going to http://your_kohana_install/twitter_demo, it will give you a nice big table with all the code used and the responses. You'll need an API key before anything will work though.

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I didn't know that there is a twitter Class for this OAuth Class! Thank you :) Now everything is working like it should ;) – ahmet2106 Feb 26 '11 at 10:38

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