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Is there any way to walk the heap from a .NET application? I have a Silverlight application and want to be able to examine the heap for memory leaks. I thought it would be nice to implement a debugging popup window that would display the contents of the heap. I have looked through the .NET API namespaces and can't find anything relevant.

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You can use the SOS Debugging Extension to examine the managed memory allocations in your program.

Here is a blog post walking through how to do this with Silverlight.

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windbg + SOS.dll can be quite intimidating at first; however they are a great set of tools to become familiar with for this type of inspection as well as post-mortem debugging of crash heaps –  STW Feb 24 '11 at 21:19

You can also try the SysInternals's tool ProcessExplorer. It have a tab named .NET where you can find a lot of specific data about .NET applications (memory, garbage collector activity, etc). Every time I suspect that my code is leaking memory I use this tool to check and understand what is happening.

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