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Anyone tried to use a DateTimeAxis with MVVM on a WP7? When I set up my chart, at startup there is no data available and then I get following result:

But when I populate the binded chart data I get following result:

So my question, can I hide the labels ( through MVVM ) at startup? Or is there another way to get some nicer representation when there is no data?

Other question, I would also love to set the date labels fixed ( like in this question: Stackoverflow chart date question unanswered

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Maybe for 'good' reference, even though the question is not yet answered. I solved it by using another charting object! Called AM Charts :… – Depechie Sep 6 '11 at 15:15

Have you considered setting the values to zero instead of not having any values?

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I do need to re-look at the code to be sure, but I think the 'object' passed to the chart was initialized. ( Meaning strings are empty, ints are 0, etc... ) But this question is already old, so I'm not 100% sure anymore. – Depechie Sep 6 '11 at 15:14

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