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I'm using VBA that encloses every field with single quotes in order to import into mySQL and noticed that every variation I tried on NULL for numeric data types imported as 0. If I drop the backticks the nulls import fine, so I think my question boils down to this: if there any way to indicate NULL data inside of single quotes in a mySQL import?

this website shows a bunch of examples, but nothing inside of single quotes.


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Backticks? Could you provide some example SQL, because backticks are normally reserved for table/column names. Trying to insert a value delimited by backticks should throw an error. –  Hamish Feb 24 '11 at 22:09
I guess single quotes then? I'll post an example. –  Andrew Feb 24 '11 at 22:18

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If the string inside the single quotes is escaped, too, then there is no way of making it NULL. That would negate the purpose of quotes+escaping.

If it is not escaped, you could "break out" of the single quotes with a single quote. For example if you store the string '/0+' it will become ''/0+'' (say: empty string divided by zero plus empty string) which is NULL because anything divided by zero is NULL.

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