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I am a J2SE Java developer, and i am currently trying to learn Java mobile development to create mobile applications. I have a couple of startup questions please :

  1. Do i have to install JDK 6.0 or above, or only a J2ME SDK is quite enough ? (I don't know if the JDK includes J2ME API or not).

  2. I have seen other Java mobile SDKs like Metismo and AlcheMo that still allow me to write Java coded mobile applications, so are these better than the J2ME SDK or there are better options ?

  3. I will use Eclipse Pulsar + J2ME SDK in development. Do i need anything else ? And is this developing environment suitable to write Java coded mobile applications to run on most mobile types or there are better options ?

  4. For the Emulator does J2ME SDK include an emulator ? I have seen a Free emulator called Micro Emulator so is this suitable, or there are better choices ?

  5. If you have any advices / Tutorials for me before i start learning the language and coding my applications that would be very nice.

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I suggest Netbeans better for mobile development. Even you can use Eclipse pulsar also. Netbeans already having sun java SDK. you can download the Emulator from following sites,

See these tutorials for j2me developing,

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Thanks for the tips. Should i use an emulator for every mobile brand to test my application on ? ... I hope you can help me with questions 1 & 2 to understand this. – Brad Feb 25 '11 at 6:37
Sun java toolkit enough for developing mobile application. But on testing environment you can test all mobile emulators. – bharath Feb 25 '11 at 6:46
Thank you a lot. Those tutorials are helpful. – Brad Feb 27 '11 at 7:15

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