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I've created 3 projects:

WcfServer -- The default WCF Service Library project, unchanged.

WcfServerConsole -- Console Application:

static void Main(string[] args)
        var baseAddress = "http://localhost:9000/WcfTest/";

        Type contract = typeof(IService1);
        Type implementation = typeof(Service1);

        var address = baseAddress + implementation.Name;
        var binding = new BasicHttpBinding();
        var service = new ServiceHost(implementation, new Uri[] { new Uri(address) });

        service.AddServiceEndpoint(contract, binding, address);

        Console.WriteLine("Server ready.  Press ENTER to terminate.");

    catch (Exception e)

private static void AddBehaviors(ServiceHost service)
    var smb = service.Description.Behaviors.Find<ServiceMetadataBehavior>();
    if (smb == null)
        smb = new ServiceMetadataBehavior();
    smb.HttpGetEnabled = true;

    var sdb = service.Description.Behaviors.Find<ServiceDebugBehavior>();
    if (sdb == null)
        sdb = new ServiceDebugBehavior();
    sdb.IncludeExceptionDetailInFaults = true;

WcfClientConsole -- Console Application:

static void Main(string[] args)
    var proxy = new Service1Client();
    var response = proxy.GetData(42);

Everything works fine locally. When I run the server, I can see http://localhost:9000/WcfTest/Service1 in my browser, and communication works as expected (run server, run client, see "You entered: 42" in WcfClientConsole). Now I want to do this remotely. I change baseAddress to "" and run the server on another machine ( On that machine, in a browser I can open http://localhost:9000/WcfTest/Service1 and and no problems. On my machine, my browser can't connect to, nor can Add Service Reference, and changing proxy to new Service1Client("BasicHttpBinding_IService1", ""); also fails ("There was no endpoint listening at that could accept the message.").

Am I going about this the wrong way?

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If you can't connect to that path with a web browser I'd suspect a firewall issue. – John Weldon Feb 24 '11 at 22:38
+1 can you telnet to port 9000 – Taylor Bird Feb 25 '11 at 1:05
@John Bingo, firewall issue. For several other projects, Windows prompts me to add a rule when a program/service requires one. Apparently this is not the case if the project is WCF-based. TCPView (technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897437) tells me the name of the process listening on port 9000 is actually "System", which might have something to do with it. Much thanks! – epalm Feb 25 '11 at 15:23
Meet exactly the same problem as yours, how did you solve this problem finally? Thanks! – huangcd Feb 22 '14 at 14:08
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Check your firewall. That's usually the top cause of this kind of issue.

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Added an answer so you can mark as accepted :) – John Weldon Feb 25 '11 at 15:30
Of course. Thanks again. :) – epalm Feb 25 '11 at 17:14
@epalm Did you find the solution? – user781700 May 19 '14 at 19:34

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