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I am using the following query to get the transactions from a table made to and from a user. I then want to retrieve the username for the sender_id and for the recipient_id. However I can only seem to get it for the recipient_id or the sender_id. Anyone have any ideas how I can get both.

SELECT, ta.amount, ta.recipient_id, ta.sender_id, ta.timestamp_insert
    	FROM  `transactions` AS ta
    	JOIN users AS us
    	ON ta.recipient_id=us.u_id
    	WHERE ta.sender_id =111111 OR ta.recipient_id = 111111
    	LIMIT 0 , 10

Transactions Table Columns:

timestamp_start timestamp_complete transaction_status

User Table Columns:

u_id, name

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You need to join twice, thus:

SELECT ta.amount, ta.recipient_id, ta.sender_id, ta.timestamp_insert, as Sender, as Recipient
        FROM  `transactions` AS ta
        JOIN users AS recipient
        ON ta.recipient_id=recipient.u_id
        JOIN users AS sender
        ON ta.sender_id=sender.u_id
        WHERE ta.sender_id =111111 OR ta.recipient_id = 111111
        LIMIT 0 , 10
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