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I'm trying to match the name R. Buckminster Fuller in a wikipedia dump that has

|name = R. Buckminster Fuller

and I have the following regular expression:

(?<=[n|N]ame = )[\w\W\.\s]+?(?=[^A-Za-z0-9_\s])

It doesn't seem to work - it gets hung on the period after the R. What am I missing?

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remove the ^ in your regex. it doesn't make sense. inside the [] it indicates exclusion of following characters.

wouldn't this do?

[n|N]ame = ([\w\.\s]+)
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Occam's Razor at work, yet again. Thank you! –  Rio Feb 25 '11 at 0:09

Looking at your regular expression, it's not really clear what you want to do.

The following expression match the full name :

(?<=[n|N]ame = )[\w\W\.\s]+

But without more informations about your goal, it's impossible for me to help you further.

For information, the +? modifier is a "lazy match" and will match the fewest character possible, in our case only the 'R'.

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