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I would like to have a view where I show the user various QLabels, a .jpg image, and a list of items (eg. a QListView). I would like all of them to be vertically scrollable together. The data for filling the various widgets will be set by the function that shows this view. I prefer implementing it in code, without using the GUI Designer.

I thought about creating my custom widget inheriting from QWidget, but I am finding it hard to implement it. Is this the best way to do it?

Could you provide me with an example of how I should proceed?

Thanks in advance

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//Using QScrollArea

#ifndef MYWIDGET_H
#define MYWIDGET_H

#include <QWidget>
#include <QLabel>
#include <QScrollArea>
#include <QVBoxLayout>

class MyWidget: public QWidget
    explicit MyWidget(QWidget *parent = 0);

    QScrollArea *scrollArea;
    QWidget *widget;
    QLabel *label1;
    QLabel *label2;
    QLabel *label3;
    QVBoxLayout *vLayout;

#endif // MYWIDGET_H

#include "mywidget.h"

MyWidget::MyWidget(QWidget *parent) :
    scrollArea=new QScrollArea(this);
    widget=new QWidget;
    label1=new QLabel("Label1");
    label2=new QLabel("Label2");
    label3=new QLabel("Label3");

    vLayout=new QVBoxLayout;


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Thanks, but I need to add a QListView as well, that's the tricky part, as it has its own scrollbar.. Is this possible? –  gmpi Mar 15 '11 at 23:09
yes it is possible. –  lwinhtooko Mar 16 '11 at 6:22
I mean, with "all of them to be vertically scrollable together", not by having two scrollbars (one inserted into theother) in the window... –  gmpi Mar 16 '11 at 15:04
i have never tried that before. –  lwinhtooko Mar 21 '11 at 2:49
This is the only working example code I've found to do this, kudos. I've adapted it so I don't have to use a class; my code is essentially for (widget in widgets) { layout->add(widget); } outerWidget->setLayout(layout); scrollArea->setWidget(outerWidget); outerLayout->add(scrollArea); dialog->setLayout(outerLayout); –  Matthew Read Dec 2 '12 at 2:49

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