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Should I use /article or /articles ?

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You can use either. If you are defining your routes using resource(s) then it's best to use plural controller names, because that is the default:

resources :articles
resource :articles

But it is possible to specify other controller names as well:

resources :articles, :controller => 'article'
resource :article, :controller => 'article'
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For the name of the actual controller class, and file it lives in. e.g class ArticlesController... living in /app/controllers/articles_controller.rb

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You can use either. However, It is better to use the plural. A controller is a class that, most often, accesses more than one instance of a model.

Eg: For a model by the name Subject, a controller accesses lot of instances of Subject, viz., subjects. Therefore, we name SubjectsController instead of SubjectController. Hope this helps.

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