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For one of my testing project, I am working on sqlite testing. I see that they have have a regression test suite. Is it an open source test suite I can use? I am either planning to use a test suite available or design a test suite..My aim is to design a huge number of tests (so using random values adn assigning them is the best call) Any help and views wil be appreciated:-)

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Saying they have a regression test suite is a little bit of an understatement. The SQLite engine itself has 73,000 lines of code. The test suite has 91,378,600 lines of test code. Besides that, the library is C and tests are TCL, so a lot more bang for your buck in each line of test code.

You can read about SQLite's regression test suite here:


And you can browse and download the source from the public repository (requires anonymous login):


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