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    inFile = open("subjects.txt","r") 
    global subArray 
    subArray = [] 
    global line 
    for line in inFile: 
    return subArray

This how I get the data when in is in different lines in the text file like


I need to know how to do it when the data is in one line

math , science , geography
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Name subArray is ambiguous because lists are not called arrays in Python, but lists. array is a class of the module array, to create objects whose elements are homogenous. –  eyquem Feb 25 '11 at 2:53

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line.split(" , ") will turn the string into an array a list of strings. You might also look at the standard "csv" module.

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No. line.split(" , ") turns the string into a LIST of strings. There are no arrays in Python , apart from the objects of the module array that are special. –  eyquem Feb 25 '11 at 2:49
@eyquem: Yes, of course you are correct there. I was just using the OP's language. Edited. Thanks! –  tangentstorm Feb 25 '11 at 2:53

This will work if the entire file is just one line:

subArray = [subj.strip() for subj in open("subjects.txt","r").read().split(',')]

or if you want to do it in a loop:

 inFile = open("subjects.txt","r")
 subArray = []
 for line in inFile
    for subject in line.split(','):
 return subArray

or using the csv module:

import csv
subArray = []
for line in csv.reader(open('subjects.txt', 'rb')):
   for subject in line:
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