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I have some text that looks like this:

[Verse 1]
[B]This is a song with chords [D]and lyrics
Blah [Am7+9d]blah blah [C]blah blah

[Verse 2]
This [C]is the verse
This is the [G]verse

This is [E#]the Chorus
This is the Chorus

This is [F]the bridge
This is [Am]the bridge

I want to replace all the chords ([A],[Am], [A#], [B], [C] etc all the way to [G]) so I can just show the lyrics.

Here is my current code that almost works:

$line = preg_replace('~\[([A-G].*?)\]~', '', $line);

This works prefect but it removes [Chorus] and [Bridge] because they start with C and B.

How do I still make it work perfectly but not remove the [Chorus] and the [Bridge]?

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$line = preg_replace('~\[(?!Chorus|Bridge)[A-G].*?\]~', '', $line);

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It may be sensible to ignore case in case of occurrences of [chorus] etc: $line = preg_replace('~[(?!Chorus|Bridge)[A-G].*?]~i', '', $line); – Highly Irregular Feb 25 '11 at 2:41
what about Am7 or F# or Asus7 or Am7+9d? – mario bros Jan 13 '12 at 2:42

A different (and more generic) solution, based on assumptions about your data derived from the text snippet provided.

if (preg_match("/^\[[^\[\]]*\]$/", $line) === 0)
    $line = preg_replace("/\[.*\]/", "", $line);
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