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In using vc-diff (I am using Subversion), is there any keystroke in emacs where we can move only to the changed lines quickly? It's quite unconvenience if we move to those lines using arrow key.


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There's diff-hunk-next (by default mapped to M-TAB) and a corresponding diff-hunk-prev. Looking at the mode documentation and keymap with C-h m is generally a good way to figure this kind of thing out; the commands are usually pretty logically named.

You might also investigate using ediff-revision instead of vc-diff (just hit RET three times to get it to default to comparing the same stuff as vc-diff would). I've got it mapped to C-x v e.

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ah, I am about to ask, what is the key to display keybinding for the active mode. You've pre answered it for me, <kbd>C-h m</kbd>. I use it Windows Environment, and the default keybinding is <kbd>TAB</kbd> I'll try with ediff-revision. Thanks. –  swdev Feb 25 '11 at 4:12

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