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Suppose I define an export in AssemblyA:

public class Foo

Is there a way to determine the export of Foo is from AssemblyA in the CompositionContainer?

What I am trying to do, is for any given assembly that provides MEF exports, it must also include one MEF export of a specific interface. And I want to be able to flag any assemblies that do not satisfy this rule.

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There's no way to do this from in a CompositionContainer. I would suggest creating an AssemblyCatalog for each assembly and checking whether any of its Parts have an ExportDefinition matching the interface you want.

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You can identify the type and assembly of a ComposablePartDefinition using the static ReflectionModelServices.GetPartType method. The following example creates a list of distinct assemblies that contain types included in the container's catalog:

var assemblies = container.Catalog.Parts
    .Select(part => ReflectionModelServices.GetPartType(part).Value.Assembly)
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