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What does syso-statements stand for in Java?

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All that the answers here include, and... ... getting kicked real hard if used to do logging... Use a proper logging framework for that, and a proper debugger to debug. –  ppeterka Mar 13 '13 at 14:51

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short for System.out.println();

In eclipse you can type syso and Ctrl + Space to fill out the expansion.

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Well, that's not a term that's commonly used, so you need to provide some context, but it most likely means system-out-statements.

That is, any statement that uses System.out

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Just a guess here, System out statement.


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The correct answer is actually Nothing. And it doesn't even mean anything to the Eclipse IDE for Java. The real shortcut (actually template) is sysout and it stands for


Java developers just stick to syso because it's shorter, Eclipse can match it to sysout and there is no other default template that matches syso so that Eclipse can just take the only match and replace it. You can add new and modify those templates in Eclipse preferences.

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