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I have been searching for an alternative to ffmpeg (I'm on a host that doesn't allow ffmpeg or mencode due to server power or something) and I was looking into GD or Imagemagick (both of which are installed) is there a way to generate a video thumbnail from either of these two libraries or another one?

I also have the option of using ruby on rails or python or CGI/perl to do the generation. But I'm not skilled in either of those languages so I would need a tutorial or script already wrote.

Anyone help?

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Noone is going to do the work for you. Try using a VPS or dedicated server where you have full control over the machine and install the required software. –  yoda Feb 25 '11 at 4:12

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Imagemagicks Convert can do video tumbnails.

convert -quiet moviefile.mov[10] movieframe.gif

where the number between the [] is the framenumber of the movie that is converted

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In fact, ImageMagick just uses ffmeg under the hood. If ffmpeg is not installed, you'll have no luck using ImageMagick

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I don't think either of those tools will allow you to generate thumbnails. I'd recommend you take a look at something like: http://transloadit.com/.

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As tijej said you must need ffmpeg in order to use ImageMagick. If you are OK with that you can also use FFmpeg::Thumbnail module.


my $baz = FFmpeg::Thumbnail->new( { video => '/my/video/file.flv' } );
$baz->output_width( 640 );
$baz->output_height( 480 );
$baz->offset( 21 );
$baz->create_thumbnail( undef, '/my/first/thumbnail.png');
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