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Lets say I have two models: Debater and Team.

Team has_and_belongs_to_many Debaters and vice-versa.

I want to be able to query from the Team class to find teams that habtm to two specified debaters.

I would also like to be able to query from the Debater class to find whether the debater has a team with a specified debater.

Thanks in advance!

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With @team.debaters you get all debaters for that team. The other way around you can get all teams for a debater with @debater.teams. Now if you want to get all the teams in which two debaters are present you could do Team.where("debater_id == #{id1} OR debater_id == #{id2}").

For you last point (uery from the Debater class to find whether the debater has a team with a specified debater) you could try the following @debater.teams.where(:debater_id => DEBATER_ID)

Hope this helps!

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debater_id is not an attribute of Team because it has a habtm association with Debater. I don't know enough about sqlite but I would think the query has to do the following: Search debaters_teams where team_ids are equal AND where one record has debater_id = debater_id_1 and where the other record has debater_id debater_id_2 – tanman Feb 27 '11 at 1:38

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