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I have an asp.net standard menu control which has menu items programatically added to it. I just want the default hover style to show as a selection based on the current page.

ie menu1 1.aspx menu2 2.aspx

when on 2.aspx menu item menu2 should be highlighted

it just doesn't seem to do it!

any help appreciated!



Fair call

The menu:

Code manually builds the menu as follows:

A function generates the items into the menu control:


' loop through item list and add:...

    Dim mnuItem As New System.Web.UI.WebControls.MenuItem
    With mnuItem
        .NavigateUrl = strURL & ".aspx"
        .Text = strText
        .ToolTip = strToolTip
        .Value = strValue
        .SeparatorImageUrl = "/Images/breadcrumbSeparator.gif" 'arrow.gif" 
    End With



The style associated to the menu control (this is the default menu style for newly created web app):

div.menu { /padding: 10px 0px 4px 2px;/ padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px; font-size:12px; text-align:center; }

div.menu ul { list-style: none; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; width: auto; }

div.menu ul li a, div.menu ul li a:visited { background-color: #465c71; border: 1px #4e667d solid; color: #dde4ec; display: block; line-height: 1.35em; padding: 6px 10px; /* padding: 4px 20px; width between cells */ text-decoration: none; white-space: nowrap; }

div.menu ul li a:hover { background-color: #bfcbd6; color: #465c71; text-decoration: none; }

div.menu ul li a:active { background-color: #465c71; color: #cfdbe6; text-decoration: none; }

The menu populates correct and functions perfectly (ie not with site maps and i dynamically manipulate its items)

However I am unable to apply the nice HOVER style when it is SELECTED

I was hoping this would work:

    Me.mnuMainMenu.Items(1).Selectable = True
    Me.mnuMainMenu.Items(1).Selected = True

But it has no affect (all of the population etc is being done within the page load).

Would be great if the seletion thing would work OR i could manually apply the style based on the detected page.

any help greatly appreciated

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why is it not working? are you having styling issues, or actual control rendering logic issues? nobody can be sure unless you give some sort of code sample. –  Brandon Montgomery Feb 25 '11 at 6:01
any ideas there? –  Mr Me Mar 7 '11 at 3:21
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