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I would like to debug and identify a memory leak in one/some of the threads in a C++ process. I would like to get a thread dump of the process once the memory usage is very high.

I know for java the following commands work, 'kill -3 ' [linux] or 'sendsignal.exe ' (

Is there any way to a get thread dump for C++ process on Windows.

can this thread be related: How to programatically cause a core dump in C/C++

Thank you.

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Minidump, not "thread dump". It is built into Taskmgr.exe for Vista and Win7. Right-click the process in the Processes tab, Create Dump File. All the different ways are listed here.

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You can also generate memory dumps (mini-dumps) based on performance counters (handle count, memory consumption) automatically using procdump from SysInternals:

You can then load and analyze the generated file(s) in WinDbg (or in VS2010 which can now also load memory dumps)

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