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suppose I have a form:

<form id="someform" action="some.php" method="get">
    <input type="text" name="somename" />
    <input type="text" name="othername" />
    <input id="submitId" type="submit" value="OK" />

And I want to get the request string generated by this:


Can I get this without actually submitting the form?

$('#submitId').live('click', function(e) {
    //... what to do here?

Another one, if I have the request string, can I put them to the form? (reversed).


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Try using

$('#submitId').live('click', function(e) {
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try jQuery serialize:

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I think you want to submit form using jQuery. You can use jQuery.ajax like this:

jQuery('#someform').live('submit',function(e) {
        url: $(this).attr('action'), // get action from form tag
        type: 'GET', // GET method
        data: $(this).serialize(), // Get form values
        success: function( response ) {
            alert( response ); // response from action script

Now in some.php action you can get form values like this:

echo $_GET['somename'];
echo $_GET['othername'];
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