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I know there is a utility for this because I used to use it...just can't remember the name. I'm looking for a Windows (Windows-7) utility that will allow me to select an executable image running and have it tell me what files/dlls that program has loaded and from what directory. I am writing software in Visual Studio and would like to verify at runtime which dlls my program is loading.

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use Process Monitor or Process Explorer.

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That's it "Process Explorer"...excellent little utility. Thanks! – GregH Feb 25 '11 at 7:45
You forgot to say how to do it with process explorer. It shows lot of stuff, but I don't see list of DLL files anywhere. – Tomáš Zato Oct 21 at 11:44

Visual Studio does it well. Tools + Attach to Process. Then Debug + Windows + Modules.

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The command line route is ListDLLs from Sysinternals.

It can list DLLs loaded by a process, or list processes that loaded a given DLL.

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