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We are redesigning table schema in postgres. It used to have a linker table to the two tables partner and advertiser of the name partner_advertiser since we were assuming a many-many relationship between partner and advertiser. A change is made such that an advertiser shall have only one partner, so partner will have a one-may relationship to advertiser.

How do I make the change without losing previous information? The linker table data must be used to fill in the mapping of the new schema design. Here is my initial code:


FOR r IN SELECT partnerid, advertiserid from partner_advertiser
    NEXT r;
    UPDATE advertiser SET partnerid = r.partnerid WHERE id = r.advertiserid 


BTW I haven't done any pg/plsql myself. So if there are any basic steps I should make please give me a heads-up.

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You can use:

UPDATE advertiser a SET partnerid = r.partnerid
FROM partner_advertiser r
WHERE = r.advertiserid

Generally, simple relational transformations like these will never need a loop. If you really need one, though, look at

One extra note: any transformation will obviously lose data if advertiserid is not already unique, thus you should first run something like

SELECT count(*), advertiserid FROM partner_advertiser
GROUP BY advertiserid HAVING COUNT(*) > 1

If any rows get returned by that you will want to fix that manually.

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Note that the update succeeds even if there are multiple tuples in partner_advertiser table for a single advertiser. – jmz Feb 25 '11 at 7:02
it works. I never thought there is a simple command like that. – ivanceras Feb 25 '11 at 7:32

This also works. Using a simple plpgsql snippet:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTIOn migratePartnerAdvertiser() RETURNS int4 AS '

    FOR r IN SELECT * from partner_advertiser LOOP
            UPDATE advertiser SET partnerId = r.partnerId WHERE id = r.advertiserId; 
return 1;
' LANGUAGE plpgsql;

SELECT migratePartnerAdvertiser() as output;
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