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I am using ShareKit for iphone to share some text in facebook. Can any one tell me which delegate is called after publishing the text successfully. I need this to inform the user that his action was successful.

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The shareDelegate property in SHKSharer isn't the easiest to get to and change, but there are notifications sent from the delegate methods of SHKSharer, one for each of the methods: SHKSendDidStartNotification, SHKSendDidFinish, SHKSendDidCancel, SHKSendDidFailWithError. Observing these notifications turns out to be a simple way of listening for the outcome of sharing.

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See shareDelegate property of SHKSharer . All the concrete sharers (e.g. SHKFacebook) extend this base class.

Having said that, I'm not sure where you set a class to be the delegate using ShareKit's public API (so I'm not claiming this to be a complete answer).

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