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I have seen the below link which is of getting started mapreduce with python

But still I am not able to understand how its working. I am executing below code but not able to understand what exactly is happening?


- name: Testmapper 
       input_reader: mapreduce.input_readers.DatastoreInputReader 
       handler: main.process 
       - name: entity_kind 
         default: main.userDetail


some code

class userDetail(db.Model): 
name = db.StringProperty()

some code

def process(u): 
          yield op.db.Put(u)

I am executing this and it gives me status = success in status page.

But not able to understand what happend

The main thing I want do with mapreduce is to search or count records from entity

So anyone can please help me??

Thanks in advance

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You could format code by indenting 4 spaces. No need to insert a bunch of  . – kennytm Feb 25 '11 at 7:26

You are setting the "mahesh" value to the StringProperty name of all your userDetail entities.

If you want to count your entities use :

from mapreduce import operation as op
 def process(entity):
    yield op.counters.Increment("counter1")
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the code that u given is working fine for counters but my question was where this record is being stored? – mahesh Feb 28 '11 at 6:13

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