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I have a JSF page that includes a tree form tag which is rendered depending on some bean property. There are two buttons for next and previous page. I want to skip form validation on the button which goes to the previous page.

I tried the following ways to disable the validation:

  • Set h:commandButton immediate="true"

  • Change button by a4j:commandButton ajaxSingle="true" rerender="someparts"

It does not work. Why does the navigation fail when I want to skip validation?

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please post your code (jsp file etc.) – Aba Dov Feb 25 '11 at 9:29
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immediate="true" does skip the validation. Make sure you have redeployed successfully, and the there aren't any errors.

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I solve problem using a4j:commandButton ajaxSingle="true" reRender=":outhercomponent:formconteningcomponent:component"

reRender needs absolute path to component even if component id unique

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