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when i add label to static text it overlap if its' bind with button event ; but i work fine when written in frame constructor.....!!!!!!

my output is in following format :

time 10:21:30

time remain 02:36:10

time left 03:00

currently i use static text for both(time and 10:12:01),if we write code

//static text (10:13:03)
time_static_timer  = new wxStaticText(panel,wxID_ANY,wxT("10:02:03"),wxDefaultPosition,wxDefaultSize,0);
    remaining_static_timer = new wxStaticText(panel,wxID_ANY,wxT("03:01:02"),wxDefaultPosition,wxDefaultSize,0);

//static time text
total_text        = new wxStaticText(panel,wxID_ANY,wxT("time"),wxDefaultPosition,wxDefaultSize,wxALIGN_LEFT);
    remain_text       = new wxStaticText(panel,wxID_ANY,wxT("time remain"),wxDefaultPosition,wxDefaultSize,wxALIGN_LEFT); 

//sizer for static text time
//sizer for above used sizer
//top sizer


when i set label in buttom event then it over lap both static text and set fit on maximize .

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What do you mean 'bind with button event"? There is no button in the code fragment you have posted. –  ravenspoint Feb 25 '11 at 13:12
bind with button event means when we asssign value of static text at time of button event i.e when button is pressed the new static text is set on given position .....it can solved when we don't use sizer. –  riteshkush Mar 24 '11 at 9:20
Please post the code where you assign text to the static text control when a button is pressed. –  ravenspoint Mar 24 '11 at 14:47

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