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I am working on a web-Based Kalendar Application (multiuser). The Application is nearly ready, but one thing is not so good. I want to give the User the chance, to mark several times at one time. That's why, i made a mousedown-function, on every field, and a mouseup-function as well. That way, I get the first marked field, and the last. All fields in the middle can be calculatet by the id! Now the problem: While I am moving the mouse, the browser markes the text. I want another mouse behavior. I want the mouse to draw a rectangle, so that the user sees, where he startet, an so that no text within the document gets marked! This is very important. Do you know, how to solve the problem? I already deactivated the right-Click Menu, an set my own menu, but this is to hard for me :(. I have already searched the web with google, but actually I do not really know, which keywords could help here.

PS: I am using jQuery, maybe it could help in this situation.

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Here's a script to disable text selection:


If you have jQuery, you can use bind like:

$('#demo').bind('selectstart',function(e) {

Here's a JSFiddle:


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Well, it doesn't seem to work. I looked your example jsfiddle.net/Nk9ec/2, but there I can select the text as well. –  Mischka Feb 25 '11 at 8:51
It works for me. You probably have your browser set to disregard selectstart. I believe you can do that in Firefox under the Advanced Javascript box. –  Kranu Feb 26 '11 at 7:24

OK, i found out, what was wrong. Your Code is for IE only. I am using Firefox, and I optimize my Application to Firefox! Well now, i managed disabling selecting text, with that function:

$(document).ready(function() {
    $(document)[0].oncontextmenu = function() {return false;} 
    $('#id').mousedown(function(event) {
        return false; 

The function checkClk(event) controls the Clicking-Behavior. Beside I managed to make the mouse-Pointer standart-Pointer with css:

body {
    cursor: default;

All I need is now, to figure out, how I can draw a rectangle, when I move the mous, holding the left Button clicked. I want the Application look like the operating-System. If you click and hold the mouse down, there is an Rectangle (like this: http://img21.imageshack.us/i/markiert.png/). Does anyone know, wheather this is possible without making a div, which size depends on the Mouseposition?

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