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I am currently learning C++ and I have been asked to make a program which will calculate the interest that would be paid on a deposit of a given size. One of the requirements is that we display an error message when non-integer data is entered.

I however cannot work out how to detect if non-integer data has been entered. If anyone could provide an example of how this problem is solved it would be much appreciated!

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You don't have to check yourself. The expression (std::cin >> YourInteger) evaluates to a bool, whcih is true if and only if YourInteger was succesfully read. This leads to the idiom

int YourInteger;
if (std::cin >> YourInteger) {
  std::cout << YourInteger << std::endl;
} else {
  std::cout << "Not an integer\n";
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+1 I hear a echo. – kenny Feb 25 '11 at 8:42

this should be a clear enough starting point.

char* GetInt(char* str, int& n)
    n = 0;
    // skip over all non-digit characters
    while(*str && !isdigit(*str) )
    // convert all digits to an integer
    while( *str && isdigit(*str) )
        n = (n * 10) + *str - '0';
    return str;
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doing other peoples' homework should be avoided. – tenfour Feb 25 '11 at 8:49

You need to find out if the input value contains non numeric characters. That is, anything other than 0-9.

You have to first take input as string and then verify if every digit is indeed numeric.

You can iterate the string and test if each character is a valid digit using the built in function isdigit() defined in <cctype>. You might also want to allow for a single comma if you're working with decimal numbers.

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