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Since Oracle can do a native C compilation for PL/SQL code (code is compiled with a C compiler like gcc into a shared object file on servers file system) I am wondering about this. Can I develop a piece of C code for extproc linking against the native compiled PL/SQL function? This would be a great thing, because all the difficult OCI stuff could be done in PL/SQL and all the logical or math stuff in C. Therefore I would need to know (at least, I think) the function names and parameters so that I can make a header file - right? Is there a way to reverse engineer the .so? Has anyone tried such a hack? Its more a "I want to learn and experiment" thing than solving an actual issue.

EDIT1: What I have figured out: I can modify the $ORACLE_HOME/plsql/spnc_commands file and append a cp %(src) /tmp%(src) behind the linker command. So I can investigate the generated C code, but this is not a big help :-(

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It seems that you looking for OCI Oracle Call Interface.

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