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Does anyone know is there a better way to check if some image contain a (semi)transparent pixel beside going trough all pixels and check their alpha channel?

    for each pixel in image:
        if pixel.alpha != 0xff:
            return true

Thanks in advance.

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You could use BufferedImage.getType() or ColorModel.hasAlpha() to check if there is an alpha channel.

If there is an alpha channel, you will have to check the individual pixels.

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yes there is a better way than simply iterating all pixels. if you already have a mip-map stored for the alpha channels you can check from top to bottom for any non-opaque pixels.

JAI supports these: put the alpha channel or the whole image into a javax.media.jai.ImageMIPMap then iterate its levels from top to bottom using getImage(int level)

some keywords for googling: gauss-laplace image pyramids, mipmaps

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