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I want to write a program to create VOIP application for my final year project. For this time being, I spend my time to understand how SIP works and later I need to implement it into my project. As far as i know, the protocol requirement to build this project are:

  • UDP
  • RTP

As for my project, it doesn't requires me to write a complex coding. I just need to provide a server that can be used as a bridge for clients to communicate. So, is there any resources that I can used for my reference to start programming my project?

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Maybe these will be helpful to look at:

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OpenSipStack is quite nice, it's 100% C++.

The project also contains a library for creating clients using ATL.

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Your best bet is pjsip. It runs on all kinds of OSes

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This is exactly a place what im looking for. Thanks alot. – Chicko Bueno Mar 2 '11 at 5:39

Take a look at OPAL. It allows you to write applications that will support SIP, H.323 and IAX2.

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