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I'm trying to call a function when the mouse stopped moving for x seconds. Actually thats pretty easy with the following code:

var timer = null;
  clearTimeout (timer);
  timer = setTimeout(myfunction, 5000);

But the mousemove event is called very often, so I get a pretty heavy processor load in Firefox while moving the mouse. Is there an easy way to do the same thing with less function calls???

Thanx! Jan

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Use this and set the delay option for x seconds


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I was searching for a mousestop event in jQuery API search! :(( Thanx! –  JayR Feb 25 '11 at 10:07

Take a look at the jQuery hoverIntent plugin

Usage is the same as jQuery hover, but the event only fires after a short, configurable delay.

        function () { HoverIn(); },
        function () { HoverOut(); }
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