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I am tryng to publish an application for Iphone on App store. But apple rejected my application . The reason was 9.4 Application using media content that more than 10 minutes must use HTTP live stream.

In my application it uses videos from many servers. like "http://video.teknomart.com.tr/3-13-2.mp4"

With media player controller I play the video. with initwithFileURL method. but I dont know How to use it with http live stream .I have looked up http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#documentation/NetworkingInternet/Conceptual/StreamingMediaGuide/Introduction/Introduction.html. that apple referenced me. but I did not understand exactly.

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The request made by Apple is on the server side, not the iPhone one. You will need to segment each video file and create a playlist for them.

On Mac you can use mediafilesegmenter to segment and create the videofiles. OpenSource alternatives are also available.

This is done for controlling bandwidth over mobile networks. On wifi there is no restriction, so consider allowing the users to be able to play the video files on wifi only.

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