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my @array1 = qw ( l2  l3 l4 l5 );
my @array2 = qe ( l6  l2 l3 );


use list.pl 

print @array1; 

is it possible ?

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Is qe a typo? Should it be qw? – toolic Feb 25 '11 at 15:20
Not directly. The whole point of my is to make it impossible to access a variable outside of its scope. – mob Feb 25 '11 at 16:22
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try require, require 'list.pl'. You might also need to change the scope prefix my to something more global.

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If you need to do something like this, you should setup a module:


 package List;
 use Exporter;
 our @ISA    = 'Exporter';
 our @EXPORT = qw(@array1 @array2);     

 our @array1 = qw(12 13 14 15);
 our @array2 = qw(16 12 13);


 use List;
 print @array1;

But in general it is better to either code this using fully qualified names (removing the need for Exporter):

 use List ();
 print @List::array1;

Or to create an accessor method:


package List;

my @array1 = qw(12 13 14 15); # my makes these arrays private to this file
my @array2 = qw(16 12 13);

sub array1 {\@array1}  # accessor methods provide ways to change your 
sub array2 {\@array2}  # implementation if needed


use List;

my $array1 = List->array1;

print @$array1;
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