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I am writing a javascript client for mechanical turk and since mechanical turk does not provide a JSON API I am passing their data through Yahoo Pipes to format it as JSON. I now have a lot of difficulty reading in this JSON (due to cross-domain incompatibilities) How should I read the output of the yahoo pipe properly that can be parsed by .parseJSON())

I'd like to emphasize that it is a client side tool (with javascript) and I do not want to set up a server with PHP to consume the feed.

{"count":1,"value":{"title":"Mturk Caller","description":"Pipes Output","link":"http:\/\/pipes.yahoo.com\/pipes\/pipe.info?_id=4dc935cadabe6d6bed8821ecabd07d6d","pubDate":"Fri, 25 Feb 2011 03:16:50 -0800","generator":"http:\/\/pipes.yahoo.com\/pipes\/","callback":"","items":[{"OperationRequest":{"RequestId":"5bf099e6-20e7-46f1-bd53-87058120498e"},"GetAccountBalanceResult":{"AvailableBalance":{"Amount":"10000.000","CurrencyCode":"USD","FormattedPrice":"$10,000.00"},"Request":{"IsValid":"True"}},"description":"","title":""}]}}

and the pipe address that I use is

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You need _callback not plain callback

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can you please elaborate a little more. –  Mark Feb 25 '11 at 11:34
Yahoo! Pipes predates the convention to use callback to specify what function to wrap the JSON in a JSON-P call with. It uses _callback. Your URL uses callback which is therefore ignored. –  Quentin Feb 25 '11 at 11:35

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