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i use asp.net 4 and EF.

I have a EntityDataSource and I would like select only the TOP 10 records from my DataBase, Example SELECT TOP(10).

Here my code, how can I do it? Thanks

<asp:EntityDataSource ID="uxEntityDataSourceEndingSponsoredContents" runat="server"
    DefaultContainerName="CmsConnectionStringEntityDataModel" EntitySetName="CmsSponsoredContents"
    OrderBy="it.EffectiveEndDate ASC" EnableFlattening="False" CommandText="" 
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You have to use top(n)

Select="top(10) Name, Address"
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do we have any options of selecting all columns, i.e. to make select top 10 * from table1 ? –  Interstellar May 23 '14 at 10:31

Select="top(10) it.Name, it.Address"

in my case, it must be used 'it' as alias.

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