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I am upgrading an old Wise for Windows installation to a newer version of Wise Installation Studio, and the WiseCustomCall resource is now marked as <unspecified>. The .wsi compiles into a .msi without issue, but then fails during runtime, not being able to locate "location: WiseCustomCall, command: g0".

Can anyone provide some information about WiseCustomCall? What specifically does it do?


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I believe WiseCustomCall is the Wise Installation's handler for handling Custom Action In-Script Executions.

Can you confirm that you recieve error 172*? (what error are you recieving?)

To troubleshoot this error message:

Check the location of the custom action to ensure the file is available at the time of execution. A good location to place a custom action that can be run following the rest of the installation completing, is after InstallFinalize in the Execute Immediate sequence in MSI script. Create a log file by executing the .MSI using the following command line in the Start > Run prompt:

msiexec /i  <full path of MSI package> /l*v <path to log file>.

Occasionally, the WiseCustomCall action has disassociated itself to the custom action. Go to the Resources page in Installation Expert, locate the WiseCustomCall entry, and browse to the WiseDll.DLL.

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Unfortunately I cannot reproduce anymore - the disassociation is the likely culprit though from your explanation. –  Rob Hunter Nov 26 '09 at 22:30

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