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i want to make a similar game to fruit ninja. at first I have: a GameScene(a multi layer scene which adds different GameModeLayers and a PauseLayer as children), a ClassicGameModeLayer, which is only a container for sprite iVar of Fruit class. isTouchEnabled = NO, and no game logic behind. a Fruit class, which contains a CCSprite *fruit and int score. conform to CCTouchDelegate and handles all the game logic behind. (just like the sample Spider code in book "Learn.iPhone.and.iPad.Cocos2D.Game.Development")

Then i have a problem. i can only slice one fruit at a time and touch is available only after the fruit shows up.

i have 2 other models designed today. one is to put the touch handling code in ClassicGameModeLayer, and also contains a CCArray of Fruit, keep the movement of Fruit inside Fruit class.

and the other model is to create a CCArray of CCSprite fruits inside the Fruit class, with all the game logic(ClassicGameLayer still does nothing)

i don't know if they are achievable. i am currently coding the first one and crashes somehow. you guys have any better ideas? is there a common approach to this?

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The touch only shows up after the fruit appears because the fruit is the only object that responds to touches. Your app can't respond until the fruit exists.

Take a look at Ray Wenderlich's tutorials for creating Cocos2D-iPhone apps.

My suggestion is this:

  • have the layer respond to touches
  • create a "FruitManager" Singleton that holds all the fruit
  • when you touch the screen, [[FruitManager sharedFruitManager] allFruits] will give you a list of the fruits to see if the user has "touched" through one of them.

Ray's Wack-A-Mole game should get you close to what you're doing. His Ninja/Ghost game also has rules for intercepting projectiles - just use touches instead.

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that's a good resource, thanks man. i think i have to finish the book first though – John Feb 27 '11 at 4:56

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